Why Are We Able to Get The Cold in the Time of Time

Running and cold usually have relevant issues, which they have two kinds. One question is why we are likely to catch colds after running. There is second problem for us a kind can we have a running after you have a cold.

Let us look at the first question, which is easy to have a cold after running. The main is the cause comes from three aspect.

The first is that you will feel too much tired after running. Because you will use up your energy in the course of running and next is to be at low ebb of your immunity after exercise. For the time being, there will maybe too many germs to attack our body. You will usually see this condition that people do not have exercise for a long period but take too many trainings all of a suddenly.

The second, when we have a running our ability of breathing will increase sharply. The  lung ventilations is as ten times as that of quiet. It may cause the overuse of our throat and it is our breath system door. There are many germs in the sky will accumulate in our throat to cause the increase of possibility of colds.

The third is that when we finish our running and then your all body will get wet. In the even of changing your clothes timely, you body can not stand the violent stimulation of conversion heat and cold. The colds may be induced by the three aspects reasons or the integrated factors of them. You should pay more attention to eliminate tiredness after running. Rinsing your mouth and cleaning your throat as well as you ought to change clothes.

The second question can be divided into two part.

The first is that your fever is caused by the running and you might as well halt your running. For the time being we may get the disease of our heart and pneumonia. The front one will have the endogenous of losing life.

The second is that you only have some stuffy nose of colds symptom and at this time you may carry on some jogging or fast walking. The suitable running will speed up the cycle of blood and it also makes the nasal tampon, headache better. However, you are able to have a sweet sleep with the tiredness that running brings.

But when you have running after catching cold and you should pay attention to two points. One hand is that we need adequate water for our body and the other hand is that we ought to change the wet clothes. The job of heat insulation should be done well.

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