Why animal protection officers can’t seize dogs accused of attacks – Saskatchewan

WARNING: Story contains a Facebook post with a graphic image of injuries to a dog.

A Regina family is speaking out on social media, saying their family dog was attacked twice by the same dog.

And a Humane Society spokesperson says investigating such dog attacks can be a lengthy process.

Mackenzie Taylor made the Facebook post Tuesday night after Callie, a corgi-German shepherd mix, was sent to the veterinarian for a second time after being injured by another dog. She said her stepfather was also injured in the attack and required stitches.

It happened on the corner of Lake Street and Cowan Crescent near the Laval school and daycare, Taylor said.

Callie’s owners say she was attacked twice by the same dog. Bill Thorn of the Regina Humane Society says investigating dog attacks can be a lengthy process. (Submitted by Mackenzie Taylor)

She said the attacks occurred on Aug. 25 and Sept. 12 and were reported to the Regina Police Service, but it’s up to Animal Protection Services to handle matters like these. That can be a time-consuming process, says the Regina Humane Society.

​”If there is a complaint of an animal, that it is dangerous, it does need to be proven, just like any kind of accusation,” said Bill Thorn, a spokesperson for the Regina Humane Society. 

​”There’s a lot of people that don’t understand why we just can’t come and get the dog.”

‘It can be a lengthy process. It can be months, depending on how busy the courts are. Maybe even longer.’
– Bill Thorn, Regina Humane Society 

Thorn said he couldn’t speak directly about the incidents involving Callie, since they are under review.

Reported attacks are handled under a Regina bylaw that addresses dangerous animals in the city.

“In some cases it may seem really obvious what happened but like any investigation for any alleged crime or incident it needs to be investigated fully,” Thorn said. 

“I can’t say you murdered somebody and then you go to jail right away.” 

Courts can determine if dog is considered dangerous

The case will proceed to the next level if it seems charges are warranted after protection officers have gathered evidence.

“It can be a lengthy process. It can be months, depending on how busy the courts are. Maybe even longer.”

The courts determine if a dog can be deemed a dangerous animal under the law. 

“It doesn’t happen overnight,” Thorn said. “It is probably one of those things in the system that maybe isn’t…

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