Why Android Phones Become So Popular

Let us face the fact. When it comes to operating system for smartphones, Android occupies the driver’s seat and has put behind other stakeholders like Apple iOS and Windows Phone. In fact Microsoft is trying to join hands with Android to boost up the position of Windows phone.

But what makes Android so popular?

If one looks at the number of followers they will find that Google’s Android has already overtaken both Symbian as well as Windows mobile. The pertinent question is how and why did this happen. Here are the answers.

Reason 1 – Android is Free OS

At the time of launching, Android was made free by Google and it has already been clarified by the makers that it will continue to be free afterwards as well.

· When it was launched, it was used as the operating system for most of the inexpensive smart phones.

· As the response was huge, even the expensive smart phone makers took to it and the OS got a further boost with its induction in Samsung products like Galaxy series smart phones.

Reason 2 – It is Open Source OS

Another very important reason leading to the popularity of Android is that it is open source operating system.

· It is not protected by copyright like other operating systems and the source is open for all like the LINUX.

· In result developers from across the globe contributed consistently to its improvement without costing Google much for it.

· The process helped Android to remain far ahead of its competitors introducing new features every now and then.

Reason 3 – The OS is Customizable

Perhaps the most pertinent reason for the high popularity of Android OS is that it is easily customizable.

· Users can customize the operating system according to their requirements and budget.

· They will also be able to modify the source code befitting their needs. Any addition and alteration in the process is possible.

· These facilities make the operating system easy to use and extremely flexible in nature.

Reason 4 – The OS contains a host…

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