Why A Combined Phone And Broadband Package Could Save You Money

As the Government is currently pumping money into schemes targeting getting the whole of the UK connected to some form of super-fast broadband by 2015, you may finally be tempted to upgrade your internet connection from basic dial-up to a faster broadband one. This may seem counterproductive during a time when households throughout the country are struggling to find ways to save money but improving your internet connection could benefit your life and that of your family. Taking on an extra bill may seem rather foolish but with a little time and a lot of patience, you may find some broadband & phone packages  that are cheaper than what you are paying now by getting each service separately.


As consumers are more reluctant to part with their cash, internet service providers (ISPs) are having to employ new ways to entice people to sign up with their products. With this in mind, it is becoming increasingly common for ISPs to offer discounted rates for customers that agree to sign up to multiple services (known as a ‘bundle’) or a contract that runs for up to two years at a time.


If you want to find out what broadband packages are available in your area, pay a visit to a price comparison site. If where you live is covered by fixed-line broadband services, you can usually pick and choose from all the deals that are available. Those in rural areas may find their options are somewhat limited.


You can figure out if you could save money by signing up to a bundle by consulting a recent bill from both your landline provider and the ISP. Look at your line rental costs for both; if the total of them both is more than the monthly cost detailed in the deals listed on the comparison site you are browsing, you should maybe consider switching providers or at least contacting your current ISP to see if they can move you onto a price plan that is more suitable.


Next you should check which bundle deals are available to customers in your area. If you rarely use your landline and are more interested in receiving a faster broadband connection, focus your search on the deals Virgin Media has on offer. Virgin Media offers the fastest broadband speeds in the UK at the moment and have also announced recently that they are in the process of doubling the speed all their customers receive. If you sign up to a deal that entitles you to a 20Mbps connection at the moment, you can expect to see your speed increase to 40Mbps by the end of next year. Those who use their…

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