Who To Turn To When Seeking Child Support Payments

The enforcement of child support agreements and court orders is essential to ensuring that children of separated or divorced parents receive the financial support they are entitled to and need. Lack of compliance with a child support order has a negative impact, both personally and financially; on the child, the parent, and even taxpayers. If a parent needs to seek government assistance to help financially when a payer does not meet court ordered child support obligations, tax payers may wind up helping to support the child. In instances where one of the parents are delinquent in making payments, there are ways the other parent can get help to recover child support payments. Child support recovery programs are designed to assist with recovering child support payments.

Unfortunately, government agencies do not have the resources to provide personal services; unlike child support enforcement agencies that perform personalized child support recovery services on an individual basis. These agencies function only to enforce child support orders and agreements, so they have the time and resources to work individual cases. Their methods of recovery are fairly broad. They get involved when one party makes a request for collection of child support. The most common way to enforcement child support payments is through wage garnishment. The agency sends a letter to the employer requesting the withholding of part of the payer’s salary, which is then sent to the agency.

There are also other collection methods available to child support enforcement agencies other than garnishing wages. Rather than salary garnishments, the agency can automatically debit the bank account each month. They can also accept post-dated child support checks and a child support agency can even get the non-payer’s drivers license suspended. They can also get other licenses suspended, and passports too. In addition, a person who does not pay child support can be put in jail. Even the property of the…

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