Who Is the Thief and Where Is the Stolen Pearl

One afternoon, the private detective Samson went to visit the house of his friend Holman for his invitation. To his surprise, Holman was saying goodbye to the policemen in front of his house.


“What happened, my dear friend?”

“Oh, Samson, you are late today. The policemen are just leaving after their survey.”

Holman invited Samson into his house and talked about the whole thing: “Yesterday morning, one of our relatives had an accident, so my wife and I went to look after her. This afternoon, I come back first and find the house is so farfetched. There must be thieves coming into my house.” Holman pointed to the window facing the yard. The glass of window had a small round hole, which seemed to be cut by knives. The thieves must push aside the bolt through the little whole.

“So, what are stolen?”

“Camera and my wife’s jewels. But, except the pearl necklace, those jewels are fake.”

“Did policemen find some evidence in the survey?”

“No, nothing. The thief must be skillful because he never leaves a fingerprint here. There are only five pearls left in the yard.”

Holman led the Samson to the yard which was bathing in the sunset. There were so many red, white and yellow tulips in the flower bed.

“Hey! Here is a pearl in the middle of flower.” Samson found a white pearl in the petal of yellow tulip. Hearing that, Holman also came to watch the flower. “It is omitted by policemen.”

“Do you know when the tulip bloom?”

“Probably the day before yesterday. The yellow tulips always bloom first.” Holman answered, and took out the pearl carefully from the flower.


In the evening, when Samson and Holman were having dinner, the telephone rang. A police said that they had caught two suspects. One was Ryan, because the nearby children had seen him go out from the Holman’s yard in the afternoon. The other was Frank, who went to the criminal scene at about 10pm yesterday and was caught by policeman. Both of them had no evidence to…

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