Who else wants More ENERGY?

What do juicing recipes have to do with Increased Energy?


Can juicing recipes solve your energy problem? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You’re not alone. But, what are you willing to do about it? Are you willing to take a 30 day challenge to see if what works for thousands of others will work for you? Let’s talk.


We all have busy schedules these days that drain our energy leaving us in an exhausted pile by the end of the day. Many try to keep going with a few cups of coffee, some sodas, energy drinks and a pill or two and maybe even a power bar. Some even go to their doctor and get a prescription or two, after all there seems to be a drug for everything. Do any of these things help? In between you may feed on processed foods, fast foods and more sugar. Sound like a healthy diet to you? These things are killing us, and in more ways than one.


Could juicing be your knight in shining armor on a white horse coming to save you from endless lethargy? I tell you what, a few juicing recipes would not do you any harm and will probably be the path to your rescue as it has for many others. Juicing properly has been the source for many to increased energy beyond their expectations and could possibly charge your system. Think of it, you just might be able to get through the day without the need of artificial energy boosters, cut your caffeine to a shadow of its former self and do the same for your weight and/or possibly reduce any other health issues dramatically. If your like me you’ll no longer need that afternoon, or lunch hour nap!


We do not normally mix vegetables and fruits in the same drink but the following exception is not too bad using a cucumber. We think you’ll enjoy this one and hopefully it will be the beginning a long term juicing career.


Cucumber Pineapple Bash


Here’s a juicing recipe that’s not only energizing, but it’s refreshing, too.  This recipe calls for an English cucumber.  Be sure to use that type.  You’ll discover they have a different flavor than a regular cucumber.


1 English cucumber, peeled


1 cup fresh peeled pineapple


Juice the cucumber and pineapple together.  Stir.  Enjoy!


Once you begin using Juicing Recipes for energy, you’ll feel so vibrant that you’ll never turn back! Be creative and let us know of the  tasty treats you concoct.


OK, here’s the challenge. Juice twice a day for 30 days and keep tract of how you’re feeling from day to day. With your juicing…

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