WhiteWall Lab’s “Power of Print” Photo Survey Reveals Personal Photo Collections Among Most Valuable Assets

The Infographic above highlights some of the interesting facts from WhiteWall’s Power of Print survey.

While we understand the idea of sharing your life on social media is more the norm, it was encouraging to see that sharing memories with prints still has significance — Katrin Schwarzenberg, WhiteWall

Photography has certainly changed over its 175-plus year existence. From darkroom to digital, many believe the “art” of photography has given way to casual snapshots where the final stage of the process ― a photographic print ― has been replaced by posting images to a variety of social media sites. WhiteWall, a German-based online photo lab and recent recipient of the annual TIPA Award for Best Photo Lab in the World, surveyed more than 800* of its US monthly newsletter subscribers to determine how photography, and the overall value of a photograph, have changed.

Survey respondents included a group of self-proclaimed professional photographers (55%) and photo enthusiasts (45%). The survey results, illustrated in an infographic, is an encouraging reality check for those who fear the art of photography is on the verge of extinction.

Among the key survey highlights:

  •     79% of respondents said they took at least 1,000 photos in the past year; 52% took more than 3,000; and 26% took more than 10,000 photographs
  •     54% took photos with a digital camera or mobile device and 33% used a digital camera exclusively. Only 10% said they used a mobile device exclusively to take pictures in the past 12 months.
  •     77% of respondents viewed their collection of photos as one of the most valuable assets they own; 10% said it was the most valuable asset
  •     92% said they made at least one photo print in the last year and 90% said they currently display their photos on a desk or wall.

“The survey definitely shows that respondents still place a high value on their photographs, especially those that have personal meaning such as family photos and special destinations,” explains Katrin Schwarzenberg, public relations manager at WhiteWall. “We were pleasantly surprised by the number of respondents who felt ‘very strongly’ about decorating their home and office with photos they’ve taken (76%) and…

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