White Water Rafting Is Becoming a Popular Sport in England


The interest in water sports has risen exponentially and more people are interested than ever before. With plenty of resources now coming up in England (and other parts of UK) for the upcoming Olympics 2012, the interest in water sports is expected to increase furtherwith the build-upto the games.

White water rafting is a sport that particularly interests the young and those seeking water adventures – especially adrenaline junkies. White water rafting England is offered by many sport bodies. Apart from England, Scotland and Wales too offer excellent opportunities for white water rafting.Popular white water rafting England avenues (and those available in other parts of UK) are mentioned below.

River Dart- Devon’ River Dart is a popular natural water body that has grade four and grade three rapids. Grade four rapids are found on the upper course of the river whereas grade three rapid extends from Holne Bridge to Newbridge.

River Findhorn – The River Findhorn offer grades of varying difficulty (from two to four) along its course that starts from Moray Firth.

River Orchy – Enthusiasts can raft in the River Orchy from October to March. Apart from being a good avenue for white water rafting, it also offers excellent stellar fishing.

River Spey–The River runs 100 miles from Loch Spey to Moray Firth covering Wildlife Centre in its course. There are some excellent rafting stretches along its course.

River Tay – The largest river of Scotland carries more volume of water than any other river in UK. This makes it an excellent avenue for rafting and other water sports. Among white water rafting England and places outside England, River Tay stands out for its sheer size.

Afon Tryweryn – The river is a must visit for all those who want to have some serious water fun. It flows from Northern Wales and has several grade three rapids. It also includes several play spots along its course.

It must be kept in mind that white water rafting England requires participants to take prior permission from the governing bodies. When compared to Scotland, where water bodies are open for sporting activities all year, rules in England are different and limit the availability throughout the year.

The destination spots aforementioned are natural water resources but white water rafting England is not just limited to natural bodies. Several artificial water parks are available where rafting is just as much fun. Those who are interested should also try these parks as some of…

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