White Water Rafting In The UK- Scotland


Scotland is an area of the UK that provides a range of locations that are ideal for white water rafting. The vast array of rivers offers thrilling rapids and exciting fast flowing waters. Those who enjoy taking part in the water sport should consider a trip to Scotland for some extreme rafting. Here we will take you through some of the fantastic rivers that the region has to offer.


River Garry

The River Garry is one that is situated near Fort William and is one that every white water rafting enthusiast should take part in. Classed a grade 3 to 4, it is the perfect river for people of all levels. One of the most northern rafting rivers, it is certainly one that will offer a unique experience. 


River Awe

The River awe is another of Scotland’s famous rivers used as a white water rafting UK course.  Located in Oban, you will come across some beautiful scenery along the way. Vast landscapes and powerful waters take over as you make your way down the river. Fun will most certainly be had on the River Awe. Graded two to three, it is ideal for children and family days out.


River Roy

The River Roy is another area of water that allows for white water rafters to make use of. Situated near Fort William, the river is one that is ideal for white water rafters. The six mile stretch of water features meanders and surf waves that are a rafters heaven.


River Findhorn

The Findhorn River situated in the north coast is another great area for white water rafters to enjoy their sport. The river is one of the longest in Scotland draws in many of the sports partakers. The grade four stretch of water is one has been named one of the best white water rafting UK experiences.


River Spey

The River Spey is the second longest when it comes to rivers in the country and is another of the regions that many white water rafters flock to. It is also the fastest flowing stretch of waters and is a haven for rafters. Around 107 miles in length, it is no wonder that water sports…

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