White Lotus Jade Roller Body and Facial Massager Now Available in American Market

“We’ll continue to build our brand through offering high-quality products steeped in the traditions of Eastern medicine. ,” said Kingston.

White Lotus, a company known for its products that adhere to the principles of ancient Chinese medicine to provide anti-aging solutions, is expanding its product line with its unique Jade Roller and Facial Massager.

The Jade Roller Skin Massager repairs lymphatic drainage, encourages microcirculation and smooths the skin. This holistic, anti-aging solution has been used for facials in White Lotus clinics for years.

“In our efforts to bring ancient Chinese medicine solutions to the American market, the Jade Roller Skin Massager fits in perfectly,” said Anthony Kingston. “Our brand will continue to expand in the North American market, bringing skincare and anti-aging solutions to everyone looking for a natural way to treat their right.”

The Jade Roller, like all White Lotus products, has its roots in ancient traditional Chinese remedies. These amazing beauty aids have been around for over 1000 years. Users have described how it glides across their skin as therapeutic and relaxing. Many prefer to use it prior to microneedling or between microneedling treatments.

There is nothing quite like the experience of feeling one glide across the skin. It feels extremely therapeutic and relaxing and is a perfect treatment to perform prior to microneedling and also in between scheduled holistic microneedling treatments.

White Louts was originally founded as a subsidiary of Golden Dragon TCM in 2007. Today, it has become one of the most popular anti-aging brands in Australia and is expanding around the world. Founders Anthony and Kamila Kingston are a husband and wife duo who together studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture before traveling the world for their work. On their travels they learned about the principles of Chinese medicine, and brought that knowledge back with them to Brisbane, where they established White Lotus clinics and products.

The company sets itself apart from competitors through maintaining rigorous standards for research, test, and manufacturing. Every product the company sells is focused on enhancing a specific aspect of wellness and skin care. White Lotus resolve such issues as…

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