White List for Sharpe Capital’s Global Sentiment Index ICO Oversubscribed

Sharpe Capital, the fintech corporation developing a platform to crowdsource market sentiment on global equities and blockchain assets, closed its white list at $8 million, weeks before its ICO starts on November 13th.

With a hard cap of $20 million and one Sharpe Capital token — SHP — priced at 1/2000 of 1 Ether, Sharpe Capital is paying certified contributors to its platform for their opinion in Ether cryptocurrency. Token buyers get to indicate their opinion, or sentiment, towards blockchain assets and global equities when they go to http://sharpe.capital from the day the crowd sale ends. Depending upon how often they vote, how accurate their predictions are, SHP token holders get paid – quarterly – for letting the world know how they perceive assets traded.

During the seven-day presale period, which starts November 6, 2017 worldwide, SHP token buyers will be able to receive discounts on their purchase, ahead of the 28-day crowdsale. 150 million SHP tokens are to be distributed during the ICO.

“If you own 10 SHP and there is a total of 100 SHP that has been used on the platform, then you receive 10 percent of the total fee pool per prediction, plus or minus the effect of your reputation score (which reflects your historical accuracy) and the amount of work you’ve done (how often you used the platform)“ said Dr. James A. Butler, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Sharpe Capital.

Sharpe Capital’s Global Sentiment Index is not only for end users. Starting Q4 2018, hedge funds and other financial companies will be able to purchase access to Sharpe’s data feeds and financial models.

Also, the ICO will enable Sharpe Capital to intensify plans for the mobile app rollout, something the founders feel will speed up sentiment platform’s adoption. That said, even a couple of thousand of users will make the service statistically viable, offering a valuable man-on-the-street perspective when it comes to predicting whether stocks or tokens will trade up or down.

Sharpe Capital has expansion plans that far outstrip its minimal service launch deployment targets. With its token supporting ownership fractions up to 18 decimal points, the universe of SHP token holders is practically infinite.

Prior to mass market adoption, the team at Sharpe Capital is planning on launching the Alpha version of the…

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