Whimsy Rose’s Shop-Local Partner Program Addresses Specialty Boutique’s Biggest Fears

Celebrate your Creative Spirit with Custom Personalization!

Having worked with hundreds of specialty boutiques over the years, the St. Louis manufacturer saw first-hand the all too familiar challenges of small specialty stores trying to compete with the web. Whimsy Rose decided that while they needed to be selling online to reach undeserved consumers, they also saw the importance of their specialty store partners. The program was set up to find the best way to help stores maximize their Whimsy Rose in-store footprint, with Whimsy’s Roses on-demand capabilities.

Specialty store owners pride themselves in providing both unique merchandise and engaging personal service. Whimsy Rose’s business model had always enabled its’ wholesale customers to order one-off custom printed garments, should the store not have the customers size or desired print in stock. “The challenge however was how could we easily share thousands of options to independently owned stores, so they could better service their customer on the spot,” pondered CEO Joe Werner and his team. Small retailers go through the effort of bringing in select Whimsy Rose pieces and assisting the consumer with the fit and feel of a Whimsy Rose garment, but they could lose sales by not having the exact print or style the in-store customer may be looking for.

Prints are very personal and the Whimsy Rose consumer appreciates the flexibility and personalized aspect of being able to match their ideal style with a print design they identify with. Whimsy Rose production and fulfillment system was in place, but with each store having diverse POS systems going through 1500 items in a catalog was simply not an option. The team wanted a solution that everyone was already familiar with…

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