Which School Fundraising Catalog Should I Choose?

If you are shopping around for school fundraising catalogs you know that there are many choices available. You can find a catalog for almost anything from gourmet treats to holiday gift wrap to magazines. The many available choices make it possible to find a great fundraising option for any school or situation. Choosing the best catalog can be difficult, so here are some ideas for choosing the right one for your specific situation.

Determine When the Fundraiser Will Be Held

Seasonal school fundraisers are some of the most profitable school fundraising choices available. You will find that people enjoy supporting your school by purchasing holiday products like Christmas gift wrap or Thanksgiving pies. Think about holidays as you plan your various school fundraisers so that you can coordinate your school fundraising efforts with holidays and seasons. When you find a holiday consider holding a fundraiser around the same time to increase profitability. You will also find that some fundraisers won’t work as well during certain times of the year. A garden fundraiser is great during the spring, but might not be as appropriate during the winter months.

What Profits Are Available?

Profitability is another important factor to consider as you make your fundraising choices. Some fundraisers will earn more money and better profits than others. You may find that the gift wrap fundraiser isn’t as profitable as the holiday treats fundraiser. Your fundraising provider will be able to tell you about the available profit margins for each fundraiser that you are considering. Remember to take minimum orders, shipping charges and other factors into consideration as you make your choice. By considering all these factors you can choose the best fundraising choice for your school.

Look at Past Fundraisers

Your past fundraisers will provide valuable insight into the fundraising choices that might be profitable in the future. If last year’s cookie dough fundraiser was very successful, do it again this year. If your magazine fundraiser didn’t work as well, don’t do it again. Use the past to determine what type of fundraisers work well in your situation. Every school is different and the fundraising opportunities that work for others might not be the ones that work for you.

Size is Important

The size of your fundraiser is also important. You will find that there are often several different sizes of the same type of fundraiser. One fundraiser might offer only a few products…

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