Summer is almost over, but camp is just getting started on Netflix. 

In 2001, David Wain’s satirical cult classic Wet Hot American Summer introduced us to the lewd, lovable oddballs of Camp Firewood, which in 2015 was spun off into eight-episode Netflix prequel First Day of Camp. Now, most of the original cast is back for a new sequel, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (streaming Friday), which picks up in 1991 as the former counselors reunite for a weekend. 

So where’d the “twentysomethings” land now that they’ve joined the workforce? Wain catches us up with Wet Hot‘s major players. 

Susie (Amy Poehler)

Camp Firewood’s snooty theater nerd is now a bossy Hollywood producer, who feuds with her former student-turned-drama teacher (John Early) and struggles with her feelings for an up-and-coming indie actor (Jai Courtney). “She’s sleeping with, but trying not to be in love with (him),” Wain says. “That time in the ’90s was when independent film was in its first wave of popularity. We thought it was a natural extension of where Susie would go.” 

Victor (Ken Marino)

Returning to camp after a long night of bartending at a nightclub, the curly-haired Victor is propositioned by Donna (Lake Bell) and Yaron (Wain) to be their baby’s surrogate father, which intimidates him because he’s still a virgin. “As a guy who was a virgin but always spent so much time overcompensating by bragging about his sexual prowess, it seemed like a natural, funny thing that he’d become one of these bartenders (who) takes his shirt off and drives women wild on the Upper East Side,” Wain says. 

Andy (Paul Rudd)

“The idea for Andy was that he peaked at summer camp when he was 16,” Wain says. “He’s the kind of guy who was the coolest, hottest guy as a teenager, and it’s so often that it’s those guys that have the most trouble as they go along in life. We liked that theme of his desperate need to cling to his past victories, which plays into Andy’s story line of trying to reclaim his…