Where to buy HPLC Spares?


High Performance liquid chromatography or High Pressure liquid chromatography is the most commonly used element separator device that is predominantly used in the biochemistry labs to identify and separate the individual components of a mixture. This is a highly technical device and is developed by only a few expert organizations devoted to work in this niche industry.

What are the common spare parts?

The main parts of the device includes the Degasser, Fraction Collector and Refractive Index Detector that does the main job in the element identification, separation and purification process and they are quite expensive as they are prepared mainly for laboratory use in the big industries or research centers. However, the other small parts of the device are readily available to buy and their price range is quite within range. The HPLC spares that you can find within 100 dollars include Flow cell Rebuild Kit comprising of seals, windows and hardware, Pump Seal Replacement Kit, and Syringe etc. Vis Lamp, Fittings/Tubing Kit, Pump Maintenance Kit comprising of Seals, Piston Rod and Check Valves are in the price range of 350 to 400 dollars. The UV lamb is only of a little high range within 550 dollar.


Where do you find the spares?

For a biochemistry lab or a analytical chemistry lab an HPLC is a required instrument and the need for these parts do not arise every single day. However with a machine, no exact guarantee can be given and specially if not handled with a expert hand and with extreme care, a lot of things can go wrong any time and then the responsible persons need to find out places to buy out the replacement spares for the Gas Chromatograph. Buck Scientific is one of the known names in the industry that are mainly famous for their extremely high quality scientific analysis products. So if you are in need of some spares, you can place your order with them with your requirements or simply ask them to provide you with detailed information. Their sale…

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