When Life Feels Heavy or Hard

Opening up to the possibilities in life is important. If we feel hopeless and challenged too often, we lose the purpose in our life. We stop seeing what could be, and instead see the end of things. Letting go of this viewpoint in life enables you to see life as it really is for you. If we believe life is a struggle, then it will continuously feel this way. If we see life as uplifting, then everyday we can experience this.

What it comes down to is how we choose to see life is the experience we will have. Optimism is a word for believing without knowing; letting yourself be open without judgment, worry, or fear. Without knowing what could be, without even trying to hold onto anything, we gain optimism. It is the holding onto our fears, worries, and judgments in life that weighs us down. In order to let go so that we can feel light, hopeful, and open, we must release the heaviness tied to our way of seeing life. We can choose how our life feels to us. We can either live a life that is open, full of possibilities, and easy because we are not creating our own struggles or we can feel burdened, heavy, and closed off, seeing our life as an obstacle we are challenged with daily.

On days when you feel burdened by what you see ahead of you, take a moment to realize how you are looking at your life. Take a moment to release this view; exchange it for one that has no idea of what will be. Stop seeing past the moment you are in. Look at the existing moment you are in as open, full of possibilities, where things can and will change. Sometimes when we look at life a certain way, we create the feeling of being stuck, of not moving forward. By always looking ahead in life, judging what will come next, in a way we are controlling what is coming. When we readjust our attitude and pull ourselves back to the moment we are in, we can exist in the true reality of our life.

We can live in a way that is connected to life as opposed to fighting it. Again, when you feel heavy, like you…

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