What’s the Scope of Mobile Product Development?

It’s only been a couple of decades since mobile phones entered our lives and already they are an indispensable accessory for most. You use your mobile phones for communicating, texting, researching and keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances through facebook and other social networking sites. The humble mobile phone has become an essential part of your life which is at your disposal 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. You can safely say you use it more than any other comparable device – i.e. your PC or laptop. You use your mobile phone for accessing internet and radio and for taking pictures or video – it is such a multipurpose device that today’s generation cannot imagine life without it.  As we realize the potential value of this device, marketers are searching for new ways to use it as an effective marketing tool. New applications for mobile product development are designed by experts on a regular basis. Some very common areas for mobile product development are the following:


  • Customized application development
  • Games
  • Social networking apps
  • Camera
  • Media management and streaming
  • Business apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Location finders
  • Tools and utility


Advertisers and marketers are increasingly switching to this platform in a rapid and smooth manner to target their audience. Mobile product development has spread to so many spheres and the potential for widening beyond is enormous. Applications for reading business cards and storing data, for memorizing and translating foreign words, for retrieving texts, for finding addresses on a map are some of the commonly used applications among hundreds already available.


The iPhone, android, blackberry are great platforms for many of these innovative applications. Mobile phones are readily accessible and becoming the target of all savvy advertisers for their product promotion. As such mobile content management solutions have become increasingly valuable for updating your website and producing mobile specific products. Mobile content management solutions engineer special publishing tools to manage your website content on mobile phones. For instance, using such innovative solutions your website can attain multi-lingual functionality.


The great advantage of the phone as a tool for advertising via your website is the convenience and utility of a handheld device over a PC or laptop. The amount of information…

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