What’s the Difference between VPS and VDS?

Many people think that virtual private servers (VPS) and virtual dedicated servers (VDS) are one in the same, and that they can be used interchangeably. However, these two types of web hosting are quite different, and you’ll want to know what those differences are to ensure that you’re getting what’s best for you and your website.

Both VPS and VDS are great options for virtualization, and both will be considerably less expensive than using any dedicated web hosting package. And both also use virtualization software to virtually partition each website off from any other website on the server. Both VPS and VDS allow different websites to use different operating systems, because one website will never interfere with another. And both will also allow you to use as much storage space and bandwidth as you want and again, if one website uses too much, it will not affect your website. But those are the similarities, what are the differences?

There are two differences that are the biggest when comparing VPS and VDS: cost and power. And it all has to do with how they work.

With VDS, every server is physically separate from each other, and each has its own resources such as bandwidth and storage space to use. It still uses hypervisor software, but the resources are separate and most of all, fixed. This is not the case with VPS, in which the resources are all pooled together and the web host assumes that not all resources are going to be needed at the same time (for example, not every website on the VPS is going to see an influx of traffic at the same time.)

When resources are fixed, it essentially takes human error out of the equation, because the web host doesn’t need to assume anything. The resources will be there no matter what, even if there is a huge influx of traffic at the same time. This allows the VDS to be fully functional and never encounter a problem. VPS solutions on the other hand, rarely run into a problem with resources being overused, but it’s still something that can happen.

Aside from the resources on the servers, cost is another huge difference when comparing VPS and VDS. VDS, because it’s more similar to a dedicated server than it is a VPS, is much more costly than VPS. It’s for this reason that more customers have chosen VPS over VDS – even though VDS was actually on the marketplace first.

Unless you are a huge business that has a massive website incurring millions of visitors a day, you’d probably be better off using a…

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