What’s the difference between dichroic glass beads and clay beads?

Many people love jewelry and spend a lot of money on such items. The sad thing is that many of these individuals buy their jewelry based on looks alone. They pick jewelry if it’s pretty; in a color they like or can match with a certain outfit. While there is no harm in this, if you want to buy durable jewelry, you need to consider the material used to make it – especially the beads.

About dichroic glass beads

One thing to focus on here is that these are glass beads. It is common for people to confuse glass beads with crystal beads, but they are different. Crystal is more expensive than glass, but these two materials are more durable than others like plastic and clay. It is common for glass to be cut to resemble crystal, and used to make a number of costume jewelry, but the glass cannot compare to crystal.

Having said that, dichroic glass beads come quite close to crystal and are just as beautiful if not more beautiful than glass beads. This is only because their color changes based on the angle from which they are being observed. One of the reasons for buying jewelry is it is shiny and pretty and these glass beads do not take away from that. What about clay beads? Can they make stylish pieces?

About Clay beads

Some people find it hard to believe that clay can be used to make jewelry. In the same way that clay is used to make beautiful pottery it is also used to make outstanding adornments such as jewelry. The downside is that jewelry pieces made from clay are extremely fragile and break easily. The upside is that they are cheap and can be painted using various colors to make lovely multicolored items. They can also be shaped into various shapes that materials like crystal and glass would require a lot of time, effort and money to achieve.

There is a wide selection of beads in the market, and whether you choose clay beads or dichroic glass beads; here are a few factors you should consider when purchasing them.

Factors to consider when purchasing beads

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