What’s the best Mac PDF to EPUB for New iPad 3?

Definitely iPad iBook is considered the best Apps for reading books on the new iPad and you can read PDF eBook files with iBook now. However, EPUB is the best e-Book format for New iPad 3 since some PDF documents may not be compatible with iBooks and it’s also not a good experience to read PDF books via Adobe Reader or iBook on the new iPad or other portable devices. EPUB is designed for reflowable content that can reflow to fill your screen instead of sticking to a strict layout style. This makes reading more fascinating. So if you’d like read eBooks in a more fantastic way, it’s better to convert PDF to EPUB for easy reading with iBook. There are plenty of PDF to ePub Converting programs on the market, we’ve tested the top pdf to epub programs and find the best PDF to EPUB converter for you to use on your Mac.

So here let’s go through the step-by-step guide on how to use this Mac PDF to EPUB.
First, click to download the free trial version of PDF to EPUB. Install and launch it, you’ll see:

Second, then drag and drop the PDF files you’d like to convert to EPUB format. Of course you can add these files from the File menu. But why bother yourself by doing so. Just “drag-n-drop”, so easy!

So all files have been imported, and you might have found the lock icon. It’s a sign for encrypted files. Yes, this PDF to EPUB can convert normal PDF files as well as encrypted PDF files to EPUB ebooks without any hassle.

Before conversion, you can customize how the output EPUB eBook will look like. There are two options for you: “Text and images to epub” or “Each page as an image to epub”. You can set the text color, background color, etc. as you like. And then click “convert” to start the conversion.

Eveything is done in a few seconds. After conversion, you can import the EPUB EBooks to your iBook for amazing reading now.

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