What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ and ‘That’s Delicious Classics’


James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, which performed for the first time in five years at Webster Hall in New York City on April 27th, 2016.

Nicole Fara Silver for The New York Times

A documentary takes LCD Soundsystem fans back to that group’s bittersweet “farewell” concert. And the rapper and chef Action Bronson reminisces about his food expeditions in Britain.

What’s Streaming

SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS (2012) on iTunes, Amazon and Fandor. When the dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem announced what it said would be its last show before its breakup in 2011, tickets sold out in minutes. The band’s frontman, James Murphy, planned the four-hour concert at Madison Square Garden, captured in this live-performance documentary, as a strong exit after the group’s successful run. But the emotional farewell was more of a “see you later”: The group reunited last year and released its fourth album, “American Dream,” on Sept. 1. “There was a moment when I was regretting it,” Mr. Murphy told The New York Times, referring to the reversal. “But then I was like, no, because now if we’re going to play again, we really have to justify it.”

ORDINARY PEOPLE (1980) on iTunes, Amazon and Hulu. Based on the novel by Judith Guest, Robert Redford’s Oscar-winning directorial debut follows an affluent suburban couple, Calvin (Donald Sutherland) and Beth Jarrett (Mary Tyler Moore), who find their peaceful lives crumbling after the accidental death of their older son and the hospitalization of their suicidal surviving one, Conrad (Timothy Hutton). Writing in The Times, Vincent Canby described “Ordinary People” as “a moving, intelligent and funny film about disasters that are commonplace to everyone except the people who experience them.” As Conrad struggles to adjust to his routine, Calvin and Beth question whether their marriage can withstand the unexpected tragedies.

What’s on TV


The chef and rapper Action Bronson.


THAT’S DELICIOUS CLASSICS 9:30 p.m. on Viceland. The rapper and chef Action Bronson revisits his food series, highlighting his favorite moments from his travels. This journey back in time takes him to his tour of Britain, where he chowed down on pork buns in London’s Chinatown, savored a traditional meat…

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