What’s on TV Friday: ‘Big Mouth’ and ‘The Future Perfect’


A scene from “Big Mouth.”


The new series “Big Mouth” ruthlessly captures the embarrassment of the transformative teenage years. And a new language opens an immigrant’s eyes to life’s possibilities in “The Future Perfect.”

What’s Streaming

BIG MOUTH on Netflix. Some may say that the awkward milestones of puberty are best left in the past. But this new animated series’ creators, Nick Kroll (“The League”) and Andrew Goldberg (“Family Guy”), offer adults a chance to relive their teenage nightmares without the humiliation. The comedy focuses on a group of teenagers who hilariously adapt to their fluctuating hormones and changing bodies with intrigue and horror. Mr. Kroll, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph and Jordan Peele lend their voices.

TIN STAR on Amazon. Tim Roth plays Jim, a British detective and recovering alcoholic who takes a job as a police chief in the Canadian Rockies. All is well until an oil conglomerate, represented by Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men), opens a gigantic new refinery in the quaint town. Its workers disturb the peace with criminal activity and Jim grows suspicious of Elizabeth. When tragedy befalls his family, Jim’s job gets personal and his alcoholic alter ego, Jack, comes out of the woodwork.


Xiaobin Zhang in “The Future Perfect.”

MUBI/Interior13 Cine

THE FUTURE PERFECT (2016) on Mubi. This film by the Argentine director Nele Wohlatz stars Xiaobin Zhang, an 18-year-old who moves to Buenos Aires from China and adopts a new outlook on life through her language classes. When she learns the conditional tense in Spanish, also called “hypothetical future,” Xiaobin looks ahead with a new imagination, exploring the possibilities beyond the present. Highlighting “The Future Perfect” as a New York Times Critic’s Pick, Glenn Kenny wrote, “The film’s unusual perspective makes it a distinctive and potentially enriching experience.”

INSIDE THE BIG TOP 5 p.m. on Red Bull TV. Acrobatics meets extreme sports in “Volta,” a new show by the entertainment behemoth Cirque du Soleil. In a collaboration with BMX athletes, the troupe puts on a performance that tells the story of Waz, a game-show host who abandons his search for…

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