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Last year, Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park launched “Ghost Town Alive!” — an immersive and interactive experience that visitors raved about. So much so, it’s back with new characters, stories and adventures through Sept. 4.
You can become part of the action or simply observe the fun as you walk the streets in the 1800s town of Calico, where Sheriff Wheeler is dealing with the Mayfield Gang.
You can become an official citizen of Calico and participate in an election or become a deputy, drawing wanted posters and locking bandits in prison. Plus, if you want to become more engaged, make up your own character and name and help out the various townspeople with their daily routines, delivering messages and packages and making decisions that will affect the town.
For example, you can become a member of the press and work with Calico Gazette staff reporter Izzy Malloy. She likes to “report on everything the Mayfields do ‘cause they’re causing trouble all the time and it makes good news.” She also enjoys a good piece of gossip. The paper prints four times daily and you may even find your name in it if you help Malloy or if she interviews you about the town’s goings-on.

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