What Would You Prefer Wealth or Fame


When man begins his career in right earnest, he is attracted by two focus ,namely wealth or fame ,He has to fix his aim on either of them for,to get both of them  is very difficult ,if not impossible .

At the very first thought, we find wealth more attractive. “Money.” Money gives us the mean of acquiring what we wish.  When we will enjoy ourselves dainty dishes, put on fashionable cloths, reside in a palatial building, get best entertainment’s visit foreign countries, and have numerous other luxuries with the help of wealth. If we have money, we can help our friends and relative in distress. Thud gold gives us every thing we want.

  From the point of view, fame is surpassed by wealth. Fame cannot process any things for us. We often famous person in the grip of financial difficulties.

  Love of wealth makes us industrious .A  philosopher has  rightly said that our present progress in all the supers of life is due to the love of wealth .Mere love of fame is few of us would have kept us in darkness .All the same of fame is noble than love of money. In acquiring or rather a massing wealth, we have of often to adopt dishonest means .We have to flatter one man, bride another and deceive painter can not get fame by dishonest methods,But in the sphere of politics, some person do adopt understand practices for coming in limelight.

  Wealth leads to various vices, while fame does not encourage them. This not means that famous men have no vices. But they have to avoid vices to maintain there fame .Wealth is burden, while fame is like a light feather

A person hankering after wealth is very selfish .He wants wealth at any cost. We have heard of many examples person may be selfish in their own way, but they know that there fame depends upon their merit, and have thus to behave in certain way .Betrayal by them of their country will soon change their fame into notoriety.   on merit in the person possessing it, through it flattery we describe crib him possessing many qualities of head and heart, as against this fame impels some merit. One may become wealthy by accidents, but it is difficult to get fame in that way .A part,painter,a politician  ,a scientist or social workers has to show his worth before he becomes famous .In a since fame is the reward of some great work which benefits society

Wealth is temporary; while fame is stable .A wealthy person may lose his wealth by one way or another any day. But fame will not be lost so quickly .If a man…

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