What We Learn About Heaven from People Who Have Been There” Is a Glimpse of What Heaven Appears to Be

“A Composite Portrait of Heaven: What We Learn About Heaven from People Who Have Been There”: a unique look into descriptions of the afterlife from people who were there temporarily. “A Composite Portrait of Heaven: What We Learn About Heaven from People Who Have Been There” is the creation of published author, Dr. Jacques LaFrance, has a PhD in computer science and has taught in several institutions ending up teaching a master’s program in Oklahoma State University.

LaFrance shares, “Heaven, in many ways, appears like earth but radically different. It is made of some substance difference from this world. Here, substance is made of atoms and molecules, but it appears that there are no atoms and molecules there. When Jesus was resurrected, he had a body that looked like his earthly body but had the capability of appearing and disappearing without regard to walls. His earthly body of atoms and molecules had been transformed into his heavenly body of heavenly substance. When he ate the fish with his disciples, that fish was immediately transformed into heavenly substance because it didn’t smack against the wall when Jesus left. When he ascended into heaven, he rose through the clouds without gravity affecting him. These are not qualities of atoms and molecules. People in heaven can hover or float in the air without any gravity tying them to the ground, although they can walk on the ground as if there were gravity.”

Everyone who has been to heaven reports experiencing a peace, joy, love, wholeness, and fulfillment beyond anything they have experienced on Earth. While everything in heaven is more magnificent than its counterpart on Earth, the intensity of these feelings surpasses it all, so much so that many don’t want to come back here. Probably the second most memorable experience is of the amazing music that permeates heaven. Instruments better than those here and choirs singing notes beyond any here sound forth hymns and songs of praise that are also more glorious than anything here. Also everyone that was met there was more joyful, more whole, healthier, and happier than they ever were on Earth. This experience was a healing of the wounds of old losses for some.

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