What to Wear For Winter Running

Cold weather is bliss for many, the hot cups of tea and chocolate shakes aside it can also be a little painful. If you are going outdoors during the cold winter days then you should be taking adequate precautions. Running gears for women are especially designed in accordance to the seasons in which you are using them. The good news is that online fashion stores for women have it all that you require, and hence you will never feel that you are lost when it comes to running during the winters. If you want to run during the winter days then here is the essential gear guide for it.


No you will not find it difficult running in a jacket; instead this will keep you comfortable. A jacket worn during running is a wind and water resistant shell coat with a little bit of lining to keep you warm. Never wear a heavy winter coat ort jacket when you are running, a shell is all that you need. Your core generates a lot of heat and that is enough to keep you warm and going when you are wearing a shell.

Thermal Hat

A hat that is made up of fleece or wool is perfect for you winter runs outdoors. The outdoors is cold during winters and when you are running the wind will move against you. In order to keep yourself safe from the cold winter wind you will need a hat and this will keep your head warm for you. You can easily tuck into your pants if you start to feel hot which may happen and so that is the last of your botheration.

Wicking Base Layer

The layer which you wear closest to your body should be made from a synthetic wicking material such as Dry Fit, Thinsulate, Thermax, Cool Max or silk. This will wick the sweat that is being generated and will keep you warm as well as dry. It is absolutely important for you to avoid cotton when it comes to this layer closest to your body because once it gets wet you will remain wet and this could lead to fever.


Running gear for women includes many kinds of material and types of clothing. When it comes to running pants you can wear tights or running pants made up of synthetic material. Your legs also tend to generate a lot of heat and so you do not need many layers for you upper body. If the temperature is below 10 degrees F then you could want to consider two layers on the lower body; that could be a wicking layer of tights and a wind proof layer such as track pants.


Online fashion store for women makes it easy for you to shop for your desired shoe. You feet also need to remain warm and therefore as long as you keep moving…

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