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HR Recruitment 

Main motive of every business is to earn a profit. Profit plays a major role in growth of business, and it is one of the key performance indicators of any organization. Performance of a business depends on performance of the organization’s workforce. It is therefore and imperative that the workforce performs effectively and efficiently to contribute to the success of the business. Today market is so competitive and to achieve growth of your business you should employ most efficient workforce to your establishment. This is why HR recruitment is a key function in any successful business. When recruiting employees you have to make correct decisions as the cost of recruitment, training are high as well as the cost of terminations, if the wrong choices are made. Most firms feel that HR recruitment is a specialized function that they should seek expertise skills by way of either maintaining an in-house HR recruitment unit, or outsourcing the services of a recruitment agency. 


Role of a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency act as a channel for both the employer as well as the employee, helping job seekers find a suitable job and employer find a suitable employee. These Agencies have pool of candidates registered with them from different parts of the country as well as different parts of the world. Some recruitment agencies specialize in a particular sectors and industries whilst the others engage in a broad range of categories. When a business firms need HR recruitment support, they contact recruitment agencies with a brief of the vacancy needing to be filled as well as job description and other supporting information. The HR agencies will search their database for suitable candidates and in some instances, they do advertise in various forms of media to get a large number of suitable candidates. Competent and professionally qualified recruiters will interview, screen and select the cream out of the candidates that have responded, and provide the employer with a good match to fill their HR vacancy. 

Advantages of Using Recruitment Agency 


There are many advantages to the firms that seek aid of a recruitment agency for fulfilling their HR recruitment needs. Following are just to name a few:


Access to prospective candidate – Recruitment Agencies operates a large database of prospective applicants that are already interested in being employed. Accessing this data base could provide you a candidate you require within a short time…

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