What To Look For When Choosing a Day Care

Choosing the best childcare is one of the most important decisions you will have to make as a parent. There are many different options for daycare, but you will also find many differences in quality. You only want to leave your child with someone who is absolutely trustworthy. The following are some points to keep in mind when choosing childcare.

Plan Ahead

It’s best to plan ahead as much as possible when choosing daycare. Finding the right situation is not always easy, which is why you don’t want to wait until the last minute. If you know you’re going to be needing this service, the further ahead you start shopping the better your chances of finding the best solution.

Check Out Credentials

The first thing to look for is the proper accreditation. This varies depending on where you live. A daycare facility in Canada, for example, must have a license and insurance in order to operate legally. Before you even consider a facility, make sure that it has the proper accreditation.

You should also ask what kind of credentials are held by caregivers at the facility. What type of education and training do they have? Some facilities hire people with degrees in education. Others don’t have many requirements for their staff. Employees of a daycare facility should also have training in CPR and first aid.

Another question you should ask is how long the employees have been at the center. A fast turnover is never a good sign, while a place with long term caregivers is something to look for.

How Many Children Per Group?

When shopping for daycare, you will want to know how many children are in a group, and how many supervisors are present for each child. The smaller the group, and the more adults per child, the more individual attention each child will receive.

The importance of group size is also related to the age of the children. Babies and younger children naturally require more supervision than older kids. 

Schedule of Activities

Find out what type of activities are planned each day. A good daycare center has a variety of activities that are educational as well as fun. Exercise, games, artistic projects and music should all be included in the schedule.

Overall Atmosphere 

Aside from the above features of a daycare center, there are other important factors to consider. Some of these are obvious, while others are less tangible. 

Is the facility in a safe and convenient neighborhood?
Is the place clean and well organized?
Is the staff friendly and willing to answer your questions?

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