What to Look for When Choosing a Checkout POS

The methods and techniques in which retail stores are conducting business is constantly evolving.  It’s important for a store owner to keep up on the trends that are maximizing their businesses efficiency.  Checkout point of sales (POS) are one of the many areas under constant change.  How does a store owner know which one is right for them?  There’s a few things they should always be looking out for.

1.  Basic Transaction Functions

Unbeknownst to some store owners (and apparently some POS software developers), there are a few features that a POS must have.  These features include, but are not limited to: adding and taking items off order; discount item/order by percentage or specific amount, return item function; and multiple payment methods (cash and credit/debit cards).  While these seem like such obvious features, not all POS software includes these.  Those may be more designed for smaller stores with little traffic and product.  Some might include the multiple payment and return features in their “upgraded” package, which usually costs more money.  Make sure you’re getting these basic features within the basic package.

2.  Inventory and Customer Management + Reporting

Perhaps the best feature of any checkout POS is not the basic transaction functions that define what a POS is, but the management features it provides.  Inventory management is crucial to the organization of a store’s product.  Without it, the store owner is left to count individual items one at a time until they know what needs to be restocked, or what might need to be shipped to another store.  Customer management was once a luxury offered outside of the POS software, but is now making its way into the core of such systems.  This allows customer information like name, birth dates, contact details, and various other ways to organize the store’s customer base.  This way, the business can better understand their customer while possibly adding them to an e-mail program.  The last feature is reporting, which was also once included in an outside program that kept owners aware of what was selling or how well a cashier was doing during certain times of the day.  Checkout POS software with built in reporting is a huge benefit to the store owner, allowing easy access to sale reports whenever needed.  

3.  Ability to Connect from Anywhere

The POS industry has improved greatly over the the past few years due to the growth in web-based technology.  This technology,…

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