What to Know When Getting a Dormer Extension For Your House

Within such economic crisis, homeowners are choosing to extend their existing homes, instead of moving. They can save the moving expense as well as adds lot of value to your home. It is a great way to invest money in your existing property. Loft is the most common extension that can offer you at least one extra room and many a times even more.

The best kind of loft extension

When you have loft extension, the best way to get the most out of it is adding dormer extension to your roof. Due to this, your room gets a larger appearance. The dormer cuts into the roofline and generally has a flat roof and shingles are used to weather proof the exterior. This loft conversion is a type of attic conversion. It is not higher than the previous ridge-line of your existing house. The glass panels in a dormer are generally not more than 450mmx450mm in size.

Hire a well-established construction company

Getting an extension or dormer is the best thing a home owner can do. It generally means that apart from requiring more space, you wish to enhance the appearance and value of the property. The best part is that you can enjoy living in your existing property. Building dormers is a challenging task so you must get the services of a trained professional or company who is experienced in offering dormer extensions.

What do the professionals offer?

Make sure the plan is within your budget instead of getting carried away in your daydreams. Once you pay in advance, there is no looking back. A design construction company is the best for you because the qualified professionals make sure that all parts and measurements are correct right from conception of architecture, permits, and blueprints to building construction.

Property inspection is a must

Do not miss on getting your property inspected before you dive into the new construction. This will ensure that your property can handle the addition and this must be done if your house is an old one. If there are any repairs to be done you must get them as early as possible before the project begins.

The requirement for building regulation

Once the construction work begins, you need to abide by the guidelines. These include:

  • Check the roof for structures that may affect the construction.
  • Underpinning the internal as well as the external walls of the property
  • Fitting support beams and floor joists so that the new floor level is secure.

Yes, it is indeed a daunting experience but one the project is completed, you and your family can enjoy…

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