What to Do With Your Old Glasses After Lasik Surgery

Lasik is a surgical procedure that offers some wonderful results, enabling an individual to enjoy perfect vision, often better than 20/20, without relying anymore on having to wear corrective prescription eyeglasses. Although most men and women who undergo successful lasik surgery feel like celebrating their independence from eyeglasses by quickly throwing their old pairs of prescription lenses into the trash bin, there are many more creative and constructive things to do with old glasses after lasik surgery.

One of the best things to do with old glasses after lasik surgery is to donate them to a charitable organization that recycles them to individuals around the world who cannot afford proper eyecare. Research indicates that more than 700 million people worldwide suffer from some sort of vision problem, most of which can be quickly and simply corrected by using prescription eyeglasses. Many individuals take for granted that prescription eyeglasses are an expense that many people simply cannot afford, with the average expenditure these days for a new pair of eyeglasses around $250.

Donating your old glasses after Lasik surgery can give the gift of clear eyesight to a student who has been failing in his grades because he cannot see the school room blackboard clearly. Donating old glasses to a charity specializing in old eyeglass redistribution can help an elderly woman enjoy reading books and newspapers again. A recycled pair of eyeglasses can help a young man just starting out in his career to be able to apply for a job because he is no longer hindered by poor vision that makes him an employment liability. And the eyeglasses donated by caring individuals after gaining their freedom through Lasik surgery can help a struggling family whose budget cannot afford eyeglasses for their school age children. Not wearing proper eyewear in order to see clearly can cause chronic headaches and many people have to go through life experiencing dull headaches caused by…

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