What to do When Applying to College

If you are applying to college this year, you are probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that you must do. Here are some tips to help you get organized. If you follow this advice, you will apply to college quickly.


Among the biggest priorities for high school seniors and juniors is applying to college. To obtain admission to a reputable college, you must fill out an application and submit, essays, grades, letters of recommendation and test scores. You will have a great chance of acceptance at the college of your choosing if you are able to show enthusiasm as well as ability in these four areas. 


ACT or SAT Scores 


Standardized test scores offer a simple way for school administrators to evaluate your academic ability. Most institutions of higher education require applicants to submit SAT scores. Some require applicants to provide ACT scores. You may be applying to a school that will accept either type of test scores. It is in your best interest to keep taking the test until your score meets your satisfaction. ACT and SAT scores affect your ability to receive scholarships as well as your chances of gaining admittance to college. 


Written Essays 


You have the opportunity to demonstrate your passion for college in your written essay. The essay also allows you to explain what sets you apart from all the other applicants vying for admittance. You should let members of the admissions committee know exactly what makes you unique and interesting. 


High School Grades 


The scholarship and admission committee will use your grades to determine whether to grant admission. Many will look at a weighted GPA, which factors in high school honors and AP classes, to measure your academic ability. Some colleges level the field for all applicants by asking for an unweighted GPA. You should find out which GPA your college accepts on the application. 


Recommendation Letters 


The admissions committee will read your letters of recommendation…

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