What to Do If a Business Conducts Unethical Practices


As the word is progressing toward a smarter and faster world we all try hard to become successful in a short span of time. One cannot say it wrong to be successful in a short span of time, however picking the incorrect means to get on the top is not advisable. Though one can find many such instances when business are found conducting unethical practices. Many would define it as a part of business, however it is not true. Any instances of unethical practices are not accepted in today’s business world.

As customer or as services providers we come across several originations throughout the day. These originations no mater small or big follow some guidelines, and these guidelines are also called as Code of Conduct in many organization. This Code of Conduct is like constitution of the organization and all the decision of the organization are based on this Code of Conduct. Code of Conduct is formalized in such a way that, it not only allows the employee to conduct the daily business without any troubles, it also encourages the origination to build a healthy environment for the employees, clients and vendors.

However, if any one, be it the clients, vendors or an employee come across such incident where any kind of unethical practices are be followed should be reported at earliest. It is responsibility of the employees to maintain the Business Conduct; however other members of the Organization like, vendors and clients share this responsibility too. They should be always keeping an eye on the practices followed by the origination. At the end of the day it is the vendors or the clients who may have to face the trouble, as the unethical business may hamper the quality of the product or services the client may be getting. Even the vendor may have to take a hit as the unethical practices may cause a trouble for them as well. It may look a small issue earlier but soon it may turn out to be a major problem for all the employees and other members of the origination.

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