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For more on what this senate health care bill could mean for you, our chief national correspondent Tom llamas. You’re here and have two scenarios. We spoke with experts at the American hospital association nonpartisan and crunched the numbers. First let’s start with somebody who would benefit from the plan. First he’s 27 years old, single male self-employed and he earns $200,000 a year. Here’s why he wins out, first of all he’s younger so he could pay a fifth of what older people pay for health insurance. Second, he lives in Chicago. It’s an urban area. More people just like Obamacare. This he pay less for insurance and finally he’s going to get a tax benefit as well. Medicare tax benefit and payroll taxes will be lower. Someone who would benefit. The flip side. Flip side, here’s the person who will not benefit, 61-year-old woman retired living off $28,000 a year and lives in a rural area in clay county. She could pay a fifth more of what younger customers pay for insurance. Number one, second she lives in clay county, Iowa. Health care is much more expensive in rural area, fewer doctors, hospitals and people. The affordable care act. Finally also she’s going to have higher out of pocket spending. Deductibles are higher and gets a smaller tax credit as well. What about people who do not have insurance under the affordable care act they are penalized. You remember that was a big flash point so no employer mandate or individual mandate so you will not be penalized if you don’t have it. The flip side means with less people purchasing insurance, that increases costs for those who stay in. Still a long way to go. David. Thanks for the breakdown.

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