What Should Every Hiking Backpack Gear Checklist Include?

How many times have you headed out on your hike and thought to yourself, “Gee I knew I probably should have thought about the cool weather.” Maybe you not the most organized or maybe you’re not too detail oriented. 


This article is here to help you get your backpack packed right for your next trip. I always advise begin organizing your pack list well ahead of hike day. Once you’ve set the date of your trip, the next step is to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything such as extra layers or your first aid kit. A big part of packing is to know exactly where you’re headed. If you’re planning a multi-day hike in the mountains of Utah, you don’t want to overlook packing extra heavyweight clothing or the proper cold weather gloves. 


In order to have a great stress free hike, making sure your backpack is sufficiently packed is a great help. 


When you think about packing start by prioritizing your bag from bottom to top and think about those items you’ll need least. Most often, those you pack at the bottom are those you won’t need access to during the day. Much like packing for any trip, pack the items you will need to get to once you get to your destination. Once you arrive you will need immediate access to your tent, dinner food and additional overnight gear. 


Be sure to keep those heaviest items toward your back and make sure less weight remains on the outside of the pack to allow for a better sense of gravity. Be sure to stuff the sides of the backpack with items that can easily fit into dead space areas like your layered clothing. Make sure to pull everything tight using the compression straps outside the pack, and make sure to keep the pack as tight against your back as possible. Always keep a checklist of every item you plan on packing, as you locate that item to pack, simply cross it off your list. This is an excellent way to ensure you forget nothing and have a stress free expedition. 




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