What Makes a Really Good Restaurant

But despite this seemingly increasing appetite among people, some places seem to be doing much better than others.

So what really makes a good restaurant?

Well, generally, good food makes a good restaurant. People go in to eat and they expect good food. Food should not only taste superb but it also has to carry distinction beyond being just good-tasting. Pan Fried Chicken Supreme from one restaurant should be differently good from that of the other restaurants for it to be able to hit deep into the gastronomic heart of its diners.

Secondly, the economic climate still has to be a factor and this is where price also has to come into the mix. A restaurant should strive for the perfect balance between taste and affordability. Affordability means the menu should be within the spending capacity of its target market. A fine dining restaurant is not expected to bring its prices down to cater to the market of the fast food chains, of course.

Service is another factor people look for in an eating place. There is no greater let-down when one sits down to eat and the service is poor because service starts the moment a customer walks in and ends when they steps out after dining. The most important aspect of service is the time between coming and going of each customer. This means, the actual time a diner eats in the restaurant: the way a waiter takes the order, the time the food reaches the table after being ordered, the way the waiter entertains your additional order and so on.

Diners are also critical to the overall character of a restaurant. On top of the food, price and service, the way the restaurant is presented to the customer really does matter. Does the restaurant take the extra effort to maintain thematic elements like: color scheming, ambient music, particular accents and conversational pieces, lighting and others decorative things? These small elements put together should point to the intended effect for the place. On a subliminal sense, people are affected by these things.

People are also drawn to other special distinction provided by a restaurant. History is one thing. Other restaurants have been in operation for several years, others even to a hundred or more. People like to be a part of history. Another is exclusivity; say for members only. Also, maybe the chef has an award or the food they are producing has been reviewed too much applause in the local paper, even down to the new hygiene rating of the restaurant all go towards making the dining…

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