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Nowadays News Media

Nowadays news media takes huge part of World Wide Web and it also takes huge part in human lives. Mainly because human is curious. Mainly we love to read about other people. It is not like we do not have our own lives to live but there is something special that keeps us searching for information about personalities that we have not even talked with. But why? Also when we look to the most popular articles or news, sadly, but mainly these articles are not positive. We like to read about disasters, tragedies and so on. Again question, but why?

People love to read about latest celebrity activities

Of course latest celebrity news is one of the top subjects that people love to read about. Some of these celebrities are our idols (it is more common for teenagers) so we want to be, look and behave like them. And if so, then of course we need to be aware of everything that they do, clothes they wear, how they speak and how they behave.
For some, actually many I think, reading celebrity news is just like relaxing, forgetting about everyday problems for the moment.

Reading negative articles/news is “exciting”

Yes, it sounds weird but actually it is true. If we have some kind of problems we start to feel better when we read about someone else who have even bigger problems. It is natural in my opinion. For example, if there are two news articles – the first is about some kind of donation for poor children and the second is about man who falls from 10th floor – guess which one will have more reads? Yes, I think the second one definitely will be more popular and a lot of people will read it.
It is not like we are evil or just sick but reading about false positive things just seems to be more exciting that about positive.

Other news

There are also other types of news that people read a lot but compared to celebrity news and false positive news they have less reader. For example, sports news are also very popular for certain people. Some of us are sports…

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