What is the Purpose of Dialysis Treatment in India

Dialysis is a process that helps in the removal of waste products and excessive fluid from the blood. It is an artificial arrangement that replaces the functionality of the failed kidney. Chronic renal failure to temporary renal conditions needs dialysis. Some patients may require kidney dialysis for as little as a few months or some may need it throughout their lifetime. Dialysis is a of the common and effective kidney failure treatment. It helps the patient to lead a normal life and continue with the day-to-day activities.

In many cases, dialysis has been seen as a holding measure until and unless a live donor for kidney transplant is available. However, there are some cases where the patient is not the right candidate to undergo renal transplant. They need to remain on dialysis for the rest of their lives or till the time the condition of their kidneys can be improved.

A healthy kidney is one of the most important organs in our body. They help in maintaining the internal equilibrium of water and minerals in the body. These minerals include sodium, calcium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and sulphate. Kidneys are also part of the endocrine system of the body; hence, producing calcitriol and erythropoietin.

Dialysis is not the ultimate solution to renal failure. It does maintain the internal equilibrium to a great extent as it helps in removal of waste and excessive fluids from the blood. The processes such as diffusion and ultra-filtration help in the above mentioned processes. Dialysis may not play a role in reviving the endocrine system failure due to renal failure; however, it plays a major part in continuing with the process of removal waste and extra fluids from the blood.

Last Stage Kidney Disease

The end stage renal disease renders the kidneys ineffective in properly removing waste and excessive fluid from the blood. Dialysis helps in performing this function as well as regulates or maintains the chemical such as electrolytes related to the kidney.

Permanent Renal Failure

It is arguably the most common purpose served by dialysis. Patients who suffer from permanent renal failure, need dialysis to stay alive and lead their normal lives.

Temporary Renal Failure

Kidney failure can also result from temporary conditions such as illness or infections. Such patients are also given dialysis treatment in India .

Additional Functions

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