What is new on television that keeps people glued to the screens?

It is quite obvious from the results of popular TV ratings that more people spend time sitting in front of their televisions. With more quality programs being produced and shows being aired round the clock, the viewership is increasing steadily. Technology also is playing an important part with the quality of the picture getting enhanced due to various technical advancements like fiber optic networks being adopted that result in the quality of the content that is ultimately delivered to doorsteps. With crystal clear picture and amazing surround sound that makes one feel like being in a theater, the need to take the trouble of going over to a theater to watch a movie is slowing reducing with people opting to watch movies and shows from the comforts of their homes.

Preferences are varied with a small percentage tuning into the latest news first thing after switching on their televisions. An obsession to keep updated with what is happening worldwide and to also keep up with the latest in economy, stock prices, commodity prices and a million other things is what turns on such people. It is quite amazing how fast news travels from corner of the world to another. The devastating effects of a Tsunami in the East is filmed and brought to every home with graphic details and so too a volcano erupting and viciously spewing molten lava for days on end. The reports on the daily vagaries of the weather which are quite unpredictable are what some people are keen to know about.

A slightly larger percentage of people are so crazy about sports that it is unthinkable for them to miss a favorite baseball or basketball game. With most of the channels airing programs in HD even the finest details like sweat trickling down the faces of players in action makes the viewers feel that they are actually closer to the players than they would be if at the actual venue. Even if they were to miss a particular show for any reason, they catch up during the highlights. Of course there are the devices called DVRs which allow people to record shows to view whenever they please. These technically brilliant pieces of equipment even allow people to program in advance so that the shows get recorded automatically even if they were to get held up on some chores or somewhere outside their homes.

With more service providers entering the fray and almost all of them providing somewhat similar services, the competition is stiff with the result the viewers get to benefit from the various deals that are…

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