What is keyword density? Why is it so important in the use of SEO Article writing services? by Harrish Donald

What is keyword density? Why is it so important in the use of SEO Article writing services?
 by: Harrish Donald

Keyword density is an important part of SEO copywriting services, and in articles and blogs. To better understand how it works, let’s start with the basics. First, SEO is the general term for search engine optimization. The process of optimizing your website to attract more traffic and build a search engine ranking higher. SEO activities can range from the creation of links that are posted in forums, comments on blogs or social networks and lead to your site, or the creation of articles and blogs through writing services that will create content that is Search engine optimized with the correct keyword density “.”

So you know where the keyword density is adjusted, but it really is? Keyword density is the SEO jargon for the number of times, in various materials, your keyword appears in an article, blog or page.

Example. He has a web page with 200 words. This includes titles, subtitles, and all that content. If your keyword is found in those words 6 times, you have a keyword density of 3%. Here’s a formula that will guide you to calculate this for any amount of content. Your keyword density is the number of keywords divided by the total number of words on the page, multiplied by 100.

Rules for keyword density

Here is a rule of thumb I’ve found that applies to almost any type of web content created by SEO writing services that have a keyword density. Anything less than 2% the density is very low, only 4% is too much. Why is this? Search engines must be able to find your content, and you want your “keyword” real key word (which it will be if search engines can not pick it up). But you do not want to “spam” content with excessive use of keywords, either. And for most of the articles and blogs, which starts after 4%.

Mounting keyword density

Say for example, your business was a software company. You like things like “software”, “programs” or the names…

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