What is an executive coach?



We all know what a coach is when it comes to sports but what exactly is an executive coach?  For starters they deal with leadership training and executive coaching for companies of various sizes and stature but what benefits do they bring to these companies?


For starters executive coaching is sometimes the only way an executive can receive any kind of feedback on what they are doing, where they are going wrong and how they can improve on it.  Without this feedback the company they are controlling may make bad business decisions or fail to take advantage of an opportunity they might have otherwise missed.


It also allows them, through leadership training for their managers, to ensure that their staff are properly cared for and motivated.  There is nothing worse than being a manager in just name only and not being able to make any real decisions or have any real influence or power over your colleagues that were the ones who ensured you got the promotion to start with.


First it’s important to note that executive coaches don’t just work with executives per say. Most of those in the executive coaching profession tend to work across the management and executive ranks. Executive coaches typically focus on the issues that come with managing people.


New skills required of managers including evaluating performance, conducting tough conversations, dealing with conflict and motivating teams aren’t necessarily skills that come naturally. Part of the need for coaching is due to the standard for getting promoted is being good at what you do, as opposed to having the requisite skills for leading others in doing what you do; this is something that places such as Bangkok, Thailand are learning to embrace as they strive to become more industrious and profitable in the eyes of the Western world.


Many people make the popular misconception that executive coaching bangkok is for executives only but it is actually for the management so that the management…

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