What Happens When I Scrap My Car?

For owners of very old vehicles, “what happens when I scrap my car” is perhaps one of the most common questions asked, and understandably so. Many people who want to get rid of their vehicles tend to sell them as second-hand cars (oftentimes unsuccessfully), and not that many people are familiar with the car scrapping process.

Why Should I Scrap My Car?

There are many possible reasons why you may wish to scrap your car. For most people, the reason is essentially financial. It may be too expensive for you to maintain, and it may make more financial sense to buy a newer car. Your car may also be a hopeless case when it comes to passing the MOT test.

 Scrapping a car is the next-best thing if you can’t sell it as a second-hand car. At least, you get money out of the deal, and your conscience can be assuaged by the fact that you are dealing with your old car in an environmentally safe manner.
Scrapping the car is much better than simply abandoning it. When you abandon your car, you could be charged by the police because doing so is a crime. You may even have to pay a fine for the act, which leaves you wondering why you didn’t just scrap your car immediately in the first place.

How Much Do I Get When I Scrap My Car?

For a lot of people, the most important thing is that they get the largest amount of money possible for their car. There are several factors, which may affect how much a scrap car company will pay for your vehicle and these factors include:

The current price of metal

The proximity of your vehicle to the nearest Authorised Treatment Facility
The price of fuel
The size and weight of the car
The age of the car

Whether or not there are special parts included in the car.
Whether or not the scrap car company will pick up the car, or if you deliver it to them.
The car can be driven (it has inflated tyres and the keys are available, etc.)
It is free from waste.

What Happens Once They’ve Taken My Car?

If you’ve been careful about choosing a properly…

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