What Employers look for in Employees?

Not working! It’s frustrating!! Such remarks are often heard in by chaps who are employed in jobs which are mismatch to their qualifications and skill sets vis-à-vis their job profile. The incidents are quite common in today’s job environment which is as brutal and stiff. A very popular explanation given for the same cites lack of soft skills and intra personal disciplines in the candidates facing the situation. The failure of education system at large is the key deterrent for the changing trends of job patterns. Soft skills encompassing communication, attitude, and time management are appreciated in the potential talent search. 


If you could not get a job matching your interest and caliber, then it might happen that you are lacking the so called “cultural fit” that’s averting your chances of a much sought after grab at the position. Think about the situations when you are declined a job without any general feedback or explanation for denial of job opportunity is the discrimination met in by these candidates on that fine line of cultural acceptance. Not only this, it is more often a herculean task for clients to explain the reasons for non acceptance of a job profile despite fitting all the requisites of the applied position.      


Employers want recruits who are financially savvy and well qualified for prospective designations. Aptly saying, recruiters want purple unicorns that are skilled and pre-efficient in the assigned tasks to save training costs and hiring expenses. Industry information and an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge about the prospective designation are the new requisites of a success oriented job hunt. Employers appearing to add value to their work, those who turn up as inventors and solution finders, who are entrepreneurial in nature, are the hot favorites for they relentlessly strive to reinvent themselves. Those who can demonstrate their skill sets and abilities effectively during the interview are more likely to…

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