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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — AJ McCarron’s teammates are wondering when their star quarterback is going to hook them up with model girlfriends.

Since McCarron started dating former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, whose career has shot through the roof after ESPN’s Brent Musburger made comments about her during the national championship game, some of his teammates have started teasing him in the locker room, asking when they can meet her friends.

“They might joke around or something every once in awhile, but I always mess with them,” McCarron said after Alabama’s A-Day spring game Saturday. “[Safety] Vinnie [Sunseri] asked if I could hook him up with one of her friends … He’s on the begging side of it.”

“And he still hasn’t done it!” Sunseri interjected.

“And Christion Jones and Nick Perry, they said they just want to meet a cousin or something,” McCarron taunted, as all the players walked through the hallway of Bryant-Denny Stadium to catch the team bus.

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Though McCarron’s teammates play around with the girlfriend topic, the Alabama fan base has mixed emotions when it comes to Webb. Some don’t have a problem with her, others do and think it’ll be a distraction once the season starts.

“Honestly, I’m concerned about it,” said Hunter Johnson, an Alabama fan from Tuscaloosa. “I kind of want them to break up because I’m more concerned with our football team than I am with their relationship. I think it’s great that she capitalized the way she has, but I don’t want anything to interfere with us going three in a row.”

But the majority of Crimson Tide fans who were interviewed by USA TODAY Sports during A-Day don’t have a problem with Webb, even though she is an Auburn alum.

“I’m gonna give you an old-school term,” said David Montgomery, a fan from Columbus, Miss. “Love doesn’t care where you came from or what school you go to or what color is your favorite.”

And despite the high profile…