What causes red spots on legs?

Red spots on our legs are a common aspect which occurs due to the impact of allergens & various chemicals. These do not lead to any serious conditions or cause any danger to life. These are up graded on the platform called skin, which are minute bumps & lead to itchiness & no pain. In rare cases, they leave a dark mark on the skin while fading away. These marks assemble around the ankle region & feet, then gradually spread across the other parts of the body. This needs to be diagnosed by your physician at the earliest & achieve the basic knowledge behind its cause & get adequate treatment.

• Causes:

1. Atopic dermatitis:
This is a common risk factor which leads to constant itching. It occurs mainly in children as compared to adults & has an approach only when there is skin-to-skin contact like knee bends. It is cured with moisturizers & an infected rash is treated with an antibiotic.

2. Contact dermatitis:
It leads to irritation & mainly allergic effects. It occurs on the legs due to the use of new soap or laundry detergent etc.

3. Folliculitis:
Found in the lower legs, mainly after shaving them, this leads to infection & inflammation of the hair follicles. In rare cases, they are itchy & sometimes, they appear like minute white-crowned bumps.

4. Infections:
These lead to red marks on the skin mainly lead to infection due to bacteria which has an adverse impact on the skin. Certain medications help to eradicate this problem.

5. Scleroderma:
This acts continuously & is a kind of autoimmune infection lead by a protein termed as collagen malfunctioning. The excessive production of this protein causes an increase in skin elasticity associated with red spots on legs & other body parts.

6. Cytotoxic drugs:
Certain medications for treating arthritis lead to red spots on the lower region of the legs which sometimes can lead to bleeding beneath the skin.

• Treatment:

1. If there is dry skin on the legs, it needs to be treated with only a cleanser sans soap & emollients.
2. The use…

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