What can Women Do While Run

Women all agreed with Ogilvie’s perspective that we needed determination. It was said by a woman that when she started to run, she felt good and thought it was quite an enjoyment. In our society, girls did not have the same feeling to boys. But it really demanded for courage. Another woman said that a female who took part in a match had the honor to get a medal, because the outdated ideas were smashed by them.
More and more women bounded to break this idea. In my family, my little sister always runs. Alice, who is my wife has run seven miles. Birney Park, which was under the high-slope in my hometown, has many women run in it. I would run in the Central Park if I went to Manhattan to handle affairs. There are always some women running in a small road around the reservoir.
Most women who participated in a running were to keep fitness. Orison Otto recalled his mood at the age of 29. My body began to decline when I was over twelve, although it was the same case to other people. Because I did not pay attention to my health. I lost my stamina if I had it before.
If you caught a sight of my diseases, not only my physical frail, but also my illness. I experienced insomnia, constipation and migraines, the migraines happened twice a month and would last two days. I had nervous and irritable temper. Back in the past, I thought I never had a real life.
Kathleen Lance started to run on account of another reason. He took up this activity under the too much pressure. He smoked badly and his body was also too heavy. Then he suffered from high blood pressure and was scared. I come to a charlatan, he said to me:” do not have to worry about”. He also told me not to eat a little salt. He would prescribe some medicine for me if my blood pressure kept rising. I have read some introductory articles of this high blood pressure pills and I knew that it would make people depressed, also had some terrible side effects. Once you took this drug, you could not leave it in your life. It was not…

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