What Are the Keys to a Successful Healthcare Real Estate Asset Sale?

A new, comprehensive white paper dealing with this topic is now available from Carter Validus Advisors II LLC.

The executive team of a national healthcare system wanted to sell a medical office building portfolio in central Florida, but the executives were wary of the process because of challenges with some of their previous asset sales. What should they do, they wondered, to avoid the mistakes of the past and ensure they have a successful closing on the Florida properties?

A new, comprehensive white paper dealing with this topic is now available from Carter Validus Advisors II LLC (“Carter Validus”), the external advisor to Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT II Inc., entitled “How to Bulletproof Your Asset Sale – Keys to Success.” The white paper includes important issues to consider for any sale of healthcare assets, along with proven processes for managing those issues that Carter Validus experts have learned from four decades of working with sellers and buyers. Following is a summary of the white paper, which was written by Alex Stacy, Chief Acquisition Officer, Healthcare, Carter Validus.

Focus on important initial strategies

For major transactions, it is most important to carefully plan and implement the initial strategies. First, the seller, the prospective buyer and their intermediaries should understand all parties’ interests and expectations and have a clear vision for how the transaction will play out. Second, each party should determine the value it brings to the transaction. Finally, the parties should determine what resources and expertise they’re missing and be open to bringing in others with the needed resources to close the gaps, add value and build the relationship.

Honest, up-front communication is key

It is essential for all parties to identify potentially serious issues early and to have honest, open conversations about those issues and how they will be resolved.

Thorough property and tenant due diligence are a must

It is important for the buyer to conduct extensive due diligence on the properties they are considering to acquire so there are no misunderstandings or surprises that delay the process. In fact, many buyers and sellers find it helpful to prepare a comprehensive checklist of…

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