What are the Causes and Treatment Options for Hemorrhoids?What are the Causes and Treatment Options for Hemorrhoids?

Seeing bright red blood on the toilet paper or toilet seat can panic anybody. If you have been noticing increasing anal itching and pain accompanied with mild anal bleeding, you should consult your physician immediately. This might be an alarming sign of hemorrhoids or piles. Not only these are highly discomforting but they can be embarrassing as well.

For those who have piles should try using home remedies that can provide relief from the symptoms. Being easy to avail and use, these methods can provide a perfect solution to your annoying piles symptoms. If you have been looking around to find a Hemorrhoids Home Remedy that actually works, you can try few remedies contained in this write-up to arrive at the best one. Most useful methods of getting rid of piles are listed as follows:

You can use sitz baths to relieve pain and inflammation caused by piles. Repeating this process about 4 times a day can greatly help soothe the sphincter muscles and ease off the discomfort. This method is best suitable to ease off the discomfort and pain in the anal area.

There are plenty of herbal products available in the market that are 100% natural based. The most popular of these include Japanese pagoda tree, Butcher’s broom, and horse chestnut. These include products like Butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, and Japanese Pagoda tree. Petroleum jelly and zinc oxide can also be used to seek benefit. It is however very important that the area be properly cleansed before the application of any product.

Patients who have piles should lay stress on good intake of dietary fiber. Consuming psyllium seeds can help with bulky and soft bowel movements that can easily pass through the rectal canal without putting any strain to the muscles of the rectum.

It is important for the patients with piles to consume good amount of water daily to get rid of constipation. Consuming 8 glasses of water daily can help with the trouble to a great extent.

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