What Are The Best DJ Mixers?

When someone is a novice in the DJ industry, then selecting a suitable mixer turns out to be too much of a hassle because more often than not, they do not know some of the quality features to look out for in order to make a wise decision. Currently, there are several mixer models in the market and as such, at this point, we are going to look at the top three mixers which have great features and which would make a great investment. However, it is important to note that this does not mean they are the only ones able to deliver quality music when you are dispensing your services.


A Numark DM1050 2-Channel mixer is considered a suitable choice for DJ’s who are just starting out. This is mainly because it is ideal for someone who is working on a budget. This mixer has two line inputs, two phono inputs, and one mic output. In addition to this, it also has other features such as a cross fader and a slider which make it more appealing. What is more, it also has a three band Eqs which is considered as one of the most essential components in the world of a competent DJ and it costs around $ 79 to $ 100.


Vestax VMC-180 3-Channel House Techno Mixer on the other hand has a three channel in built mixer and a cross fader which are handy if a DJ wants to use vocals and live drums in the process. Due to its in built features such as the three channel Eqs, this mixer gives the DJ the opportunity to play around with their creativity by creating any audio effects they so desire. It does not emit too much bass and this in essence is a great quality for a mixer and especially for novices because it becomes easier for them to use. On average, this mixer costs less than four hundred dollars.


The last model is the Pioneer DJM-600 Pro DJ Mixer which is basically ideal for professional DJ’s. It has four channels, an RCA master, track faders, trims, phono, phones, among other great features. The beauty about this mixer is that DJ’s are also able to use CD players when they are…

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